Car Stealing Crime Spree Spans Two Counties

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A Lincoln man goes on a crime spree, stealing cars in two counties.

Seward Police arrested 46-year-old David Ostermeier Monday morning after officers found him asleep in a stolen car.

Sheriff Terry Wagner says the spree started Saturday in Lincoln, when Ostermeier stole an SUV parked near 65th and Cornhusker.

According to Lincoln Police, the GMC Envoy belonged to a business where Ostermeier used to work.

Just before 10 Sunday night, Wagner says Ostermeier showed up at his ex-girlfriend's house near 14th and Davey Rd in the stolen SUV.

Wagner says Ostermeier banged on windows, trying to get into the house to talk to his ex-girlfriend. He says Ostermeier threatened to hurt the woman if she did not talk to him.

At one point during the disturbance, Wagner says Ostermeier jumped in the stolen SUV and crashed it into his ex-girlfriend's garage. He then got into her house by kicking in a basement door. Meanwhile, the woman and her family fled out another door.

While deputies were looking for Ostermeier, they learned a GMC truck had been stolen from a home only three blocks away.

"As the investigation continued, about three blocks away from the disturbance call, burglary and the GMC Envoy, another truck was reported stolen. That vehicle was recovered about 13 miles away in Seward County," Wagner said.

Seward Police picked up the chase at about 4:45 Monday morning, when an officer spotted a red Ford Focus, reported stolen in Seward County, driving through town.

Seward Police Chief Alan Baldwin says during the pursuit, Ostermeier crashed into a utility pole and a parked car in the 800 block of North Eighth street. When the officer approached the car, it sped off.

Baldwin says the Focus was smoking or steaming after the crash. That, combined with the tick fog, made the car hard for police to follow and the officer eventually lost Ostermeier.

Baldwin says an officer later spotted the red Ford Focus abandoned.

Then, at about 6 a.m Monday morning, Baldwin says an officer found Ostermeier asleep in yet another stolen car about 3/4 of a mile West of Seward. This time it was a blue Ford Focus.

That brings the total to four stolen card cars.

Ostermeier was treated at the hospital for injuries sustained in the crash, before he was booked in Seward County jail for two counts of felony theft.

Additional charges are expected.