Lincoln Marathon Boosts Restaurant Business

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- As thousands of runners were crossing the finish line at the 37th Lincoln Marathon, restaurants were getting ready for a swarm of people.

"So we got really, really busy right around 9 a.m. when runners started finishing," said Manager at Barry's Bar and Grill, Emily Wilkinson. "It was chaos at first just because we got hit all at once."

Wilkinson says they were four to five times more busy than a normal Sunday, and this year they were prepared for it, opening three hours early.

"Last year we just didn't expect to get hit very hard for the marathon so we staffed normal which is usually two servers and one bartender," said Wilkinson. "And this year we had about six servers and three bartenders and we still could have used more."

Down the street at Brewsky's in the Haymarket, Assistant General Manager, David Wacker, said business was booming from the marathon.

"I saw a lot of people in running gear, a lot of people with marathon medals, a lot of family supporters came in," said Wacker. "We probably doubled our business because of it."

Wacker people were patient while they waited to get a seat, but he made sure runners stayed hydrated in the meantime.

We had lots of waters ready," said Wacker. "We had lots of waters so they could come in and get the water right away."

It's no surprise the marathon helped business. In fact it was a record year with more runners finishing than the total amount of people who signed up last year.