Lincoln Mom Receives Recycled Car

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As Lincoln's Melissa Cox turns the key in her donated Mercury Sable,it starts the road to turning her life around.

"Not having to worry about my car breaking down every day will be great. Getting the kids to school and getting to work," said Cox who received a refurbished car from local businesses.

She is a single mother responsible for four teenage girls and a grand daughter.

She was unemployed for six months and this car, complete with a bow, wraps up the worry she endured every time she needed transportation.

"I was very surprised and very thankful that we were able to get into this," said Cox.

It's part of the "recycled rides" program where businesses team up to refurbish vehicles like this Sable and give them to families in need.

Farmers insurance Group donated the vehicle and technicians from Wenzl Carstar completely restored it.

"As a small business owner we just think it's important to give back to our community and with our skill set, technicians and our ability to rebuild cars, we though it was important to donate this car to a family that could use it," said Dirk Grenemeier, General Manager of Wenzl Carstar in Lincoln

"Basically we take a car that was salvaged previously and the shop re-builds it and we are able to give it away and they turn out to be real nice vehicles for somebody," said Chris Lauderdale of Farmers Insurance Group.

"It's going to make things a little easier, very much so," said Cox.