Lincoln Police Seeing Positive Crimestoppers Trends

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The trend of reporting crimes to Lincoln Police is on the rise. So is the way Police are trying to communicate with us.

This year alone, Lincoln Police have busted 145 people, all with the help of Crimestoppers. It's a statistic that just keeps getting better. Since started posting images in 2009, it's recorded 851,000 page views. In the past month, 35,000 people logged on. In the past 24 hours, more than a thousand page views. The increased popularity of video surveillance is helping.

"Either we can see the crime being committed on video or that we can identify the suspects, I mean that is priceless in terms of crime fighting," said LPD Officer Erin Spilker.

The number of videos police receive is also up. "In 2010, we had 249 posts that we posted to the website and two years later, so last year, we posted 395," said Spilker.

More people are paying attention and reporting crimes. In 2009, their rate of clearing cases was 20%, its now up to 30% -- much higher than the national average of 24%.

As technology improves, so do ways Police are able to stay connected with the public. Just this week, they took their next step. They're now releasing images and information on Twitter.

"By following us on Twitter, you're able to see updated information, see the images as they come through," said Spilker. Their Twitter handle is @LNKCrimeStopper.

Improving communication is the goal of the department -- they know it will pay off in the long run.

"We are more than grateful for the tips that we get and are just amazed at home much the citizens are helping us out to clear these crimes," said Spilker.