Lincoln Public Schools Hire 360 New Teachers

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Lincoln Public Schools have seen growing numbers of students in recent years.

"The numbers just continue to exceed our expectations," said LPS Superintendent Steve Joel. "It doesn't take long to realize as you're driving around Lincoln how fast we're growing."

As a result, the district hired 360 new teachers, the largest addition to LPS ever. LPS also has plans for an new elementary school next year, and a new middle school in 2017.

"At this point in time LPS is very fortunate," said Joel. "We're growing our resources, we've got very talented people."

But teachers won't be the only new faces around school, 1,000 new student's will make their way through the halls this coming fall semester.

Superintendent Joel says they don't plan on adding a bunch of new programs or making a lot of changes.

"Let's make sure that the things that we brought to add quality to the educational learning experience here we've got down," he said.

But there is at least one new program to the school system this year. It's called Device Assisted Learning Instruction, which is designed to help students access digital resources on an individual basis.

"Without question the 21st century digital delivery classroom is upon us," he said.

Joel added that LPS exceeded his graduation rate goal of 87.1 percent. The goal for the 2014-2015 school year has been raised to 90 percent.