Lincoln Residents Run to Overcome Mental Health and Depression

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Bryan Health's Run to Overcome started three years ago as a way to pay tribute to former nurse Adam Zetterman who lost his life to suicide. Ever since, Bryan Health has been hosting the race to bring hope and awareness to people with depression.

"This event started in tribute to one of our nurses at Bryan Health who lost his life 3 years ago, and his family did the initial fundraising to support this cause," said Bryan Health CEO, Kim Russel.

More than 900 walkers, runners, and even crawlers came out in support of Bryan Health's mental health and depression programs.

CEO Kim Russel said mental health services are an essential component of the full spectrum of care they provide to patients. Russel said they hope to increase awareness on depression and its symptoms.

Darrell Gressley of Lincoln lost his 21-year-old son, Izak Gressley, to suicide in January.

"Being a long time sufferer from depression myself, I didn't recognize the depression that he was feeling," said Gressley. "I feel that if we can get the word out there and help people to understand that it's important and it's recognizable and it's treatable, we can save some people's lives."

Proceeds from Sunday's event go directly to support, care, and treatment services for Bryan Health patients.

Bryan Health said they treat mental health and depression just like any other illness and hope Sunday's event showed it can affect anyone at any age.