Update: Suspects Linked to 7 Lincoln Robberies

Lincoln Police say they have the suspects responsible for seven robberies in Lincoln.

Omaha Police arrested William Blair, Jobe Smith and Danielle Iaquinta Wednesday morning after officers received information that the three were possibly en route to the area of 36th and L Street in Omaha.

Chief Jim Peschong said that investigators had already developed Blair and Smith as possible suspects. In November, officers contacted Blair after the first robbery and found a bb gun, but didn't have enough evidence to arrest him at the time.

Police started surveillance on Blair and Smith recently. Tuesday officers followed them to Omaha and watched as they visited the AT&T store at 36th and L. They came back to Lincoln, but police say they headed back to Omaha Wednesday. LPD contacted OPD and told them they believed the men were planning on robbing the store. OPD SWAT and police took all three suspects into custody outside of the store. One of the men had a toy assault rifle on him when he was arrested.

The suspects were interviewed, and then booked into Douglas County Corrections.

Blair is facing charges of attempted robbery, criminal conspiracy, felon in possession of a deadly weapon, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Smith and Iaquinta are facing charges of attempted robbery and criminal conspiracy.

The Lincoln investigations are ongoing, but police believe the three are responsible for the following robberies in Lincoln: Check and Go (2911 O Street), Sonic (N. 27th & Old Dairy Rd.), Sonic (84th and Holdrege), Jet Mobile Sprint store (27th and King Lane), Z Wireless (2525 Pine Lake Road), Pizza Hut (5600 S 27th), Computer Hardware Store (near 70th and O Street).

Chief Peschong said he believes the men started their string of robberies in November and it had been escalating ever since. Peschong said the men changed their style, clothing and weapons they used during the spree to keep police from linking the robberies together. He also said he believes the men watched news reports about the robberies to see how police were dealing with their investigations.

Pershing said he thinks the men headed to Omaha because they heard police in Lincoln were going to increase patrols near cell phone stores.

All three suspects are from Lincoln. Both men have a criminal history, Iaquinta does not have any prior contacts with Lincoln police. Peschong said he thought she was the get-away driver in the attempted robbery in Omaha.