Lincoln Runners Take Advantage of Great Weather

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Lincoln, Neb.-- On Sunday many active Lincolnites hit the trails as the weather is cooperating.

At Holmes Lake, runner Joe Palmer is training for the Lincoln marathon in May. He says Sunday's weather is perfect to train outdoors in.

"I actually don't mind the winter training too much. In the summer, the heat really takes the energy right out of ya, so I'll take 40's and 50's to go outside.
You can always throw a couple layers on during the winter," said Palmer.

And for others at the park, the weather helped Linda Becker take a nice morning stroll outdoors.

"It's a wonderful warm day and we haven't had a Sunday with this kind of temperatures so I've been on the treadmill inside and I decided today I want to be out there where I can see the sun and smell the fresh air and hear the birds sing," said runner Linda Becker.