Lincoln: The Day After the Winter Storm

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Main arterioles in Lincoln are almost back to normal. City crews worked all night and then got a little help from the sun.

A few people did not follow the parking ban, forcing city plows to work around them and risking a ticket. But, overall, police are please with how people handled the snow storm.

"When everybody winds up cooperating, it ultimately makes it better for everybody. They will have better streets after the snow emergency is over with. The streets will be plowed better," LPD Chief Jim Peschong said.

Most people headed home once the storm started. Police say that kept crash numbers remarkably low. It also gave plows the chance to clear streets without dealing with traffic.

"They've been out doing long hours, plowing those streets and those roads, so we can get around and go about doing our daily duties," Peschong said.

The spirit of community could be seen throughout Lincoln, as many people paid it forward with a little manual labor.

"Most of them are elderly people, so there are thankful when you come and clean their driveway. They are definitely happy," Chris Niemann said.

Former Husker basketball player, Niemann volunteers with the Snow Angels. He say it's very satisfying helping someone in need.

"I like to help people so yeah, I guess eventually I do get some satisfaction. I like to be outside and work. If it's winter, I'm snow shoveling. If it's summer it's something else," Niemann said.

When the sun sets, there will be a little refreezing, so police say to be careful when traveling after dark and Saturday morning.

A parking ban on the even sides of the street will switch to the odd sides at eight Saturday morning.