Lincoln: Top Ten Places for Business

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- New technology, genuine people, and the cost of living is what business experts say contribute to Lincoln’s business growth. To back it up, Forbes Magazine published “The Best Places for Business and Careers in 2014,” marking Lincoln as number six.

“The community is dense and there lots of start-ups in the community,” said founder of NMotion, Inc., Brian Ardinger. “The founders of these start-ups help other [businesses] find their way as well.”

Ardinger said his company has focused on training start-ups from various cities and connected them with the resources they need. Ardinger also mentioned that in the past, people would need to go to places, like San Francisco, New York, Denver to start their company. Now, with advance technology and combined with cost of living in Lincoln, that is not the case anymore.

Paul Jarrett, co-founder of Bulu Box, a health, nutrition, and weight loss monthly service said he moved his company with his wife from San Francisco two years ago.

“We discovered a lot of investors and a lot of people were interested,” said Jarrett.

Jarrett said Lincoln has a different vibe than places on the coast, since he felt that there was aggressive “competition between start-ups” versus in the Midwest.

“The start-up culture here is young,” said Jarrett. “We feel like pioneers and helping each other, trying to make a start-up ecosystem here.”

Forbes named Raleigh, N.C. as the number one place for businesses and careers. Lincoln surpassed cities like Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, and Nashville, among other big metro areas.