Parents Learn New Definition of Love

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Aaron and Stephanie Fickenscher knew they would get an extra special Valentine this year.

What they didn't know was that the stork was going to bring their February delivery more than five weeks early.

Weighing in at just less than 5 lbs. little baby Cy came into the world in a big way, as Lincoln's first newborn of the year.

"Literally watched the ball drop, turned off the TV, hopped in the car, drove through the snow storm in a Honda Civic, kind of slid around a little bit and then you have a baby," his father, Aaron Fickenscher said.

For Aaron and his wife, Stephanie, their bundle of joy was supposed to be a Valentine's baby, not a New Year's surprise.

"All of a sudden, we're having a kid. Just boom, boom, boom like that," Fickenscher said.

In fact, he came so early that his mom and dad had yet to pick a name.

"We'd say, well, you told us February so we'll let you know in February," Fickenscher joked.

But, by game time the newest Husker fan had been deemed baby Cy.

"He's perfect. He's got ten fingers, ten toes, two eyes," Fickenscher said. "He's looking good."

Now, for New Year's Eves to come, the new family can trade watching the ball drop for blowing out birthday candles.

"It will always be something to mark the occasion even more so than it already is," Fickenscher said. "I mean, how do you beat that?"

It's something that makes their New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day a lot more special.

Now, the new family and their new addition will celebrate both holidays knowing a parent's love.