Lincoln Woman Asks for Help in Aiding Hurricane Sandy Victims

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People hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy just can't catch a break.

They face another powerful storm Wednesday. This one is expected to bring heavy snow to the area, threatening to complicate cleanup efforts.

A Lincoln woman needs your help. Her family is in trouble in New Jersey, trying to recover from Sandy's destruction.

They are still without power. Gasoline is rationed. And grocery store shelves are depleted.

So Sarah Roemer is trying to send them food and supplies.
But it'll cost her about $300 to ship it to her family, in Chathom, New Jersey.

"This is just a small portion of help to help my own personal family then I thought, well golly gee, there are other families in this whole block radius in the same boat," said Roemer. "I thought well shoot, why can't we get a semi together at some local location and have people contribute," she said.

If you do know a way to help or are driving to the area and can make a delivery, email 10/11's Erika Tallan at
She'll put you in touch with Sarah.