Lincoln Woman Credits New Technology for Saving Her Life

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A Lincoln woman wants everyone to be aware of a new technology that she says saved her life.

Doctors recently found pre-cancerous cells in 61-year-old Verna Curry's breast tissue. These were detected using a 3D mammogram.

Verna said she is thankful to be alive.

"I will always be grateful," she said.

She was getting a traditional 2D mammogram. But after doctors found what looked like calcification in her breast tissue, Verna did some research and decided she wanted a 3D mammogram.

"My doctor was correct. But what he didn't know was something that I was just amazed at and that was, because of the technology, they were able to find through looking at the various pictures and the slices that I had an issue that nobody was aware of before," Verna said.

And her physician at Bryan Health said it's all about early detection.

"Surveillance is the key and it's true that a lot of how we detect cancer now is the change, the subtle change from the last mammogram," said Dr. Jeff Matthes.

So what exactly does a 3D mammogram do apart from a 2D mammogram? Bryan Health said it helps doctors get a more precise look at breast tissue.

"The 3D mammogram actually takes a volume of data and then allows you to page through the breast in 1 mm increments," he said.

For Curry, there was no question whether she should take that next step. She said she doesn't know where she would be without this current technology.

"I'm so lucky I live in the day and age that I do and that technology is available," said Verna.

And soon Verna will have surgery to remove the pre-cancerous tissue the 3D mammogram detected.