Lincoln Woman Spreads Holiday Cheer with Decorations

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Most people have one Christmas tree in their house. Sharon Sykes has too many to count, not to mention snowmen, reindeer and Santa Claus figurines.

"My kids think I'm crazy. My grand kids like it," Sharon said. "It's just fun. It's like decorating cake. They give you an idea and you have to do something fun with it. Boarders and balloons is boring, a regular Christmas tree with red and green is boring. You got to have some, but you have to go crazy man! I like to go crazy!"

Sharon loves decorating. Six years ago, her house burnt down. She lost almost everything. In the years since, she has rebuilt her Christmas collection and is passing the spirit onto her grandchildren.

"I want them to remember Nana as fun and have a good time and do weird things. We've really gone crazy with Halloween and Christmas. Christmas is just fun," Sharon said.

It's difficult for Sharon to pick out just one favorite decoration. She'll always cherish her newest addition, a winter village hand painted by her sister in law.

"It's wonderful. It's huge and she has let me have it. She said I was the only crazy about Christmas like her," Sharon said.

Sharon's Christmas spirit isn't just for herself and her family. Everyone who drives by her home is sure to catch the holiday cheer. About 15,000 lights adorn her home.

"It would get dark and I would just be outside and the wind would go down and it was just gorgeous. As you would put us the lights, they would be on and it is just a really satisfying feeling," Sharon said.

The lights shine all through the night and they don't come down until after the new year.