Lincoln Woman Warns of Housing Scam

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If you're looking for a new place, a Lincoln mom is asking renters and buyers to beware, after she was approached five times by scam artists offering deals on homes that seemed too good to be true.

Taylor Spittler's family has expanded since she moved into her current residence. Naturally, she's looking for a bigger place. Unfortunately, she's been approached by a few scam artists along the way.

Spittler says she responded to a number of ads for housing on Craigslist and some of the responses she received were suspicious, with the person offering the home asking for personal information and money upfront.

"There are people taking pictures, or finding pictures of random houses in Lincoln and re-posting them and saying that they are deployed, so they won't be able to show you the house, but they want you to drive by it and go look at it. But it's probably just a catch, so that you won't go look at it," said Spittler, who fortunately didn't fall for the scam.

Spittler says she didn't end up losing any money or giving away any of her personal information, because something just didn't feel right about the deal and she backed out.

Spittler says she hopes by sharing her experience, she can get the word out, and protect others from what could have been a close call.