Lincoln Woman Wins $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge

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Erica Thompson once weighed more than 200 pounds and that's when she decided it was time to make a change in her life.

"Facing my 40th birthday and had my 4th child. I was feeling that I didn't like myself anymore, I was feeling out of control," said Weight Loss Winner Erica Thompson.

A mother of four, Thompson knew it would be a tough road ahead, but chose to get back into shape after joining a gym in Lincoln and competing in a 10 week challenge.

"I said if I'm doing this, I'm going to win and I won the 10-week challenge and then I announced to the crowd I'm winning the one year," said Thompson.

After seeing big physical changes in just a couple months, Thompson set bigger goals, like running a marathon and conquering a far bigger gym challenge.

"She had to be the most transformed in 12 months, they look at before and after images. They tell us about their story and path through the program and how they've changed," said Lance Farrell Gym Owner.

Following a year of perfect workout attendance, Thompson beat out hundreds of other weight loss members across the country to win a $10,000 prize to go along with her new outlook on life.

"Go for it, take your life back, take control. There's nothing you can't do if you just decide to stick to it and give it a shot," said Thompson.