Local Women Speak About Conflict the Middle East

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Thousands of Israeli soldiers backed by tanks have rolled into the Palestinian territory, the Gaza Strip, in a ground invasion aimed at going after Hamas.

Israeli military officials say after ten days of Hamas rocket attacks, a ground offense was initiated. It’s the first major invasion in Gaza in more than five years.

The root of the decade-long conflict, neither group wants to recognize the other as a legitimate government.

Some in Lincoln are concerned about the safety of their family who are in Israel.

“It was a surreal experience in a sense that you knew you needed to seek cover, “ said Nancy Coren, who came home from Israel Thursday morning. “You had 90 seconds to get five kids into a room.”

Her son lives with his family in Israel, and when he dropped Coren to the airport, she saw violence.

“All of a sudden we saw the explosion,” she said. “And even at that point, the airport was targeted”

While she was in Jerusalem, she says the living situation there is not conducive for anyone.

“Is there an answer to it?” She said. “No but I don’t think you lie down and say we’re going to let you attack our citizens.”

Coincidently, on the same day Israel invaded the Gaza Strip, Washington D.C. correspondent for the Times of Israel, Rebecca Stoil, was in Lincoln to speak to the congregation Tifereth Israel.

Stoil said despite an attempted cease-fire, the situation in Gaza and Israel continues to escalate.

“Israel would deescalate if Hamas would comply and stop basically lobbying rockets out of the Gaza Strip and into Israel,” said Stoil. Hamas did not comply.”

Whatever comes of this latest conflict, Corean hopes that people will look for peace.

“What I Would hope to change is an understanding that if peoples don’t inflict rocket fire on the other peoples that there will be an opening of successful living between people.”