Lincoln Moves to Annex Omaha.. Well, Not Really

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In a very tongue-in-cheek move, to garner attention for Lincoln, City Council Chair Adam Horning, jokingly initiated proceedings to annex the City of Omaha. The 2012 Annexation of Omaha targets specific areas of the Omaha metro as well as a handful of outlying subdivisions, with the aim of absorbing into Lincoln nearly 800,000 residents and Nebraska Furniture Mart.

"This is a great day for the City of Lincoln," said City Council Chair Hornung. "The 2012 Annexation of Omaha represents a bold and ambitious effort to infuse more workers into our growing city economy while helping to spread the indelible Lincoln values that make the Capital City the ideal place to live, work and raise a family.

"The City of Lincoln has just exploded over the last few years, and the only way we can manage the growth responsibly is to expand our city limits by annexing the low-hanging fruit in our vicinity," he said. "In this case, it's Omaha."

According to a non-partisan, independent analysis, the 2012 Annexation of Omaha will accomplish the following:

1. Reduce the carbon footprint of the former Omaha by 80 percent. Commuters from the former Omaha will no longer have to burn through frivolous tanks of gas driving to another city to access Lincoln services. Lincoln is now "just across town."

2. Lower the tax burden of the former Omaha by 65 percent. Lincoln residents enjoy low taxes and a low cost of living.

3. Increase life expectancy for residents of the former Omaha by 12 percent. Lincoln is one of the healthiest cities in America, which means residents of the former Omaha will see an immediate increase in their overall well-being.

4. Slash the unemployment rate of the former Omaha by 90 percent. Lincoln's economy is robust, and the city has an immediate need for workers.

5. Reduce municipal waste by 73 percent. Hornung will shut down the City Hall of the former Omaha and move it to Nebraska Furniture Mart.

6. Increase cargo trade by 100 percent. The Missouri River will become Lincoln's main hub for exporting its local products.

"This move catapults Lincoln into the upper echelon of mid-level, Midwestern cities that on the eastern edge of the Great Plains region," Hornung said. "We play second-fiddle to Tulsa, Oklahoma no more."

Hornung will begin a promotional campaign to raise awareness and support for the 2012 Annexation of Omaha Monday, June 18. The campaign will end Thursday, June 21 with an evening rally at Red 9, 322 S. 9th Street, where he will participate in the unveiling of a new look for Lincoln. More details on the rally will be released next week.

If approved, the annexation will be Lincoln's largest since the highly controversial 1911 annexation of 132 residents from the former City of Havelock.