Lincoln Officials Propose Plans to Get to Fires Faster

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Lincoln fire officials would like to see response times in the Capital City drop and believe they can do so by relocating Fire stations and building new ones.

Three proposals were given to the City Council Monday. All three would relocate stations 10 and 12. The proposals differ on how to treat station 9; one would relocate it, one would leave it alone and another would leave it open and add a new station. The plan with the biggest change would add four new stations. The new stations would cost $2 million each but fire officials say the investment is worthwhile to reduce response time.

Fire officials say no new positions would need to be created because some stations have multiple crews and those crews could move to the new stations. Currently 10 percent of Lincoln is within a four-minute travel time from a fire station. The new proposals would cover as much as 96 percent of the city.

This is just the beginning of the proposal process, the public will have time to weigh in on the decision.

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