UPDATE: Autopsy on 12-Year-Old Complete, Results Could Take 40 Days

Lancaster County Attorney Joe Kelly expects the autopsy results for 12-year-old Serena Garrett to take 40 to 45 days.

Garrett, of Lincoln, was pronounced dead over the weekend after her friends were unable to wake her up.

Investigators are now looking into whether she was given medication to rid a headache before she went to bed the night before. Witnesses told police Serena Garrett had taken medication after complaining of a headache, but police don't know what she took.

Family members are in shock after the sudden death.

Richard McDaniel says he'll remember his cousin, Serena, as a "sweet angel" whose life was taken too early.

Now Richard and other family members just want some answers.

Police say it happened on Eagleton Lane, which is just east of 84th and Leighton.

A mother, who's son was at the home, said there were two young teenage boys, Serena, a young teenage girl, a 19-year-old man and others were in the house.

Chief Jim Peschong said Monday that the teenagers who were hanging out at a house were babysitting one-year-old twins overnight.

Officers found several kinds of medication at the home, including the painkiller oxycodone.

That mother said at some point, the four kids fell asleep and in the morning they tried to wake up the Serena.

The mother said the she didn't wake up, and that's when the kids called 911.

Chief Peschong says, "They had actually taken her into the bathroom and put her into the shower to see if they could wake her up. They really couldn't wake her up, there did appear to be some foaming at her mouth."

Neighbors on the block tell 10/11 they saw police and emergency crews arrive and take a person out on stretcher with CPR in progress. Emergency crews took Serena to Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Family members of Serena say they're trying to piece together what happened Saturday night and Sunday. They say police aren't giving them many answers.

Kturi Myles, Family Friend & Spokesperson says, "Imagine not knowing what happened to your child, and not being able to get any answers, while dealing with your child's death, her grief right now is great and like I said we just want answers, closure for the mother, closure for the family, closure for the children, look how many children are here."

Family members say she was supposed to be at a friends house in the neighborhood of Portia and Knox Streets. They say they're not quite sure why or how she ended up on the northeast side of Lincoln.