Lincoln Police Looking for Criminal Who's Switching Price Tags

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Apparently the price wasn't right for a criminal who went shopping at a local Menards store.

It's not the scene of a game show but this man wants to play "Price Swap." On April 24th, the criminal and his female counterpart are seen at the South Lincoln Menards.

"An employee asked the gentleman if he needed any help. At that time, the gentleman put down one of the cameras and video shows the female place three of the cameras in her purse," said LPD Officer Shane Winterbauer.

The three First Alert Wireless Cameras are used for a home security system, each camera valued at $55. Two days later, our suspect shows up to get the rest of the system.

"He's seen on video taking a UPC sticker off of his arm and putting it on a high-dollar home security system," said Winterbauer.

At the register, the closed circuit security system normally rings up for $529. This time, it's just $55 -- the price of the camera stolen two days earlier.

But our criminal isn't done pressing his luck. He returns to Menards two weeks later on May 13th and goes back to the same department.

"He selects again another home security system. He again places a sticker on the unit himself and approaches the checkout counter and pays $12.84 for a $299 camera system," said Winterbauer.

Store staff later learned he went to the North Lincoln Menards just a couple days prior and bought a $12 camera.

"And then it appears that he took that home and either removed the UPC code or made a UPC code at home to commit this fraud," said Winterbauer.

A crime that's proving to be a lesson to cashiers everywhere.

"If it doesn't look right, it probably isn't right," said Winterbauer.