Lincoln Ranks Top 5 in National Bike Challenge

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May is National Bike Month.

For the first time, Lincoln is participating in a national bike riding challenge.

Overall, Lincoln ranks 4th out of 639 other cities taking part.

"I just want to say a big congrats to Lincoln. They've come right out of the gate. Evgeryone's done so well logging their miles, keeping track, people have signed up, created teams. I hope we can carry this momentum through.," said biking advocate in Lincoln, Damon Hershey.

Here's how it works:

Riders can sign up in teams or as individuals at Then you can log your miles which are broken down into four categories, commuter, transportation, recreation and mountain biking.

The challenge started May 1st.
It goes through August 31st.
You can log past miles so anyone who signs up now can still log any time spent on your bike earlier in the month.