Lincoln Wine and Food Event Expected to Raise $50,000

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Three years ago the Lincoln Community Playhouse faced closing it's doors until the Lincoln Wine and Food Event saved the day. "Oh yeah, in the first three years with the even Russ' Market has been able to donate just under 100-thousand dollars to the Playhouse, which was instrumental in keeping us going and helping us provide the great programming we do," said Morrie Enders, Executive Director of the Lincoln Community Playhouse.

Enders expects to raise 50-thousand dollars at the Friday at the Embassy Suites. It features eighty different vendors.

"It's a great place to sample a whole different bunch of wines and figure out what you really like and then you can pick up a bottle," said Enders

The money has been a live saver and it's quite a fundraiser to continue the activities at the Playhouse. This weekend the theater features "The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood." It's a comedy spoof of Robin Hood. It's fun for the whole family. the Merry Men run around and instead of swords, they have wooden spoons and the Sheriff of Nottingham raises taxes and bans Girl Scout Cookies," added Enders.

Shows Friday, February 17 and run all weekend and all next weekend