Lincolnites Plan Ahead for Storm by Stocking Up

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Lincoln shoppers kept grocery stores busy on Wednesday, the day before a major snow storm is expected to hit Nebraska.

At Hy-Vee's location near 27th and Superior, shoppers announced their plans to deal with a snow-covered city and potentially difficult road conditions by stocking up.

Bob Davis of Lincoln said his solution to dealing with the snow is to simply stay indoors. "We'll probably be staying in all day tomorrow and maybe Friday," he said. Davis is preparing for his snow day by stocking up on ingredients for chili, along with some basic staples like milk and cereal. "We've got some stock at home already, so we don't need a great deal, but we thought we'd get out while the weather was nice," added Davis.

For Jane Droud, the essentials include bread, milk, Pepsi and fuel. "I'm using my fuel saver card to get gas so that I have a full tank and don't run out in the storm," said Droud.

For 4 year-old Max Weyeneth, the essentials include a pack of gum, which his mother, Sara, nixed, but she did stock up on items for a weekend event along with her storm supplies. " Just some odds and ends, things I'm looking for and stuff for a Boy Scout lock-in on Friday night, in case they have it," said Weyeneth of her purchases.