Lincoln's First Good Life Halfsy

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- Some of Lincoln's best runners spent all summer prepping to run the city's Good Life Halfsy, which was a success this first year.

The half marathon was designed to showcase Lincoln as runners trekked across the city.

Thousands of people from twenty eight different states crossed the finish line in the Railyard at the end of the route.

Tickets for it sold out in just 36 hours last February.

Luka Thor was the overall winner in the race and his win didn't come easy.

Luka Thor from Elkhorn said, "It was a great finish when Tom took the lead. I thought man this is really, there were a lot of turns to the end, the last three miles and at the end Tom took off and I was like well I'll just hang in there and see what happens."

Running buddies Luka Thor and Tom Nichols finished first and second in the overall race, both of them sprinting to the finish line with only seconds between their end times.

Tom Nichols lives in Parker, Colorado and he was visiting for the weekend to race."I've run with Luca for a long time and he's a great guy and you know if I lose to anybody, I'm actually okay to lose to him," said Nichols.

Runners say it was a push at the end from the Pinnacle Bank Arena's bridge all the way to the Railyard.

With such a big finish, runners hope the next time around the event is just as thrilling.

Erica Paus is from West Point, Nebraska and she said she loved the race. "It was a great time a wonderful trail and I got to see lots of sights of Lincoln. It was set up, there were great water stops, lots of cheer stops and it kept you going," said Paus.

Scott Strasburger said, "It was a great race. The weather couldn't have been better, the course was fantastic, the staff was great, it was just a great race."

The Good Life Halfsy definitely hit its stride the first time out.

Race Director Ben Cohoon says they've already started planning the next one.

It's set for November 1, 2015 and they hope to have 5,000 runners which is 1,500 more people than this year.