Lincoln's Gas Prices: Higher than Other Parts of Nebraska

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Nearly $3.29 a gallon is the average price of gas in Lincoln-- a 4.2 cent drop from last week.

"I'm glad it's finally going down," said Robert Bevins.

"Since I have a little extra money, I might be splurging on Christmas presents," said Dan Hoang.

Lincoln's average is four cents higher than the national average, and at least 15 cents higher than other parts of Nebraska.

In both Omaha and Grand Island, some gas prices dropped below $3.00 a gallon.

"It's a lot lower," said Hoang, "Eleven... sometimes fifteen cents. I don't know why though."

"I don't know if it's because we have a higher city tax or anything," said Bevins, "but hopefully we catch up to them."

With Grand Island to the west and Omaha to the east, it's hard to say why our prices are higher, even though Lincoln is located in the middle.

Mark Whitehead of Whitehead Oil says it's just competition.

"Sometimes we'll be higher than other markets around sometimes we'll be lower," said Whitehead.

"Our suppliers all compete at the pipeline terminals with each other, and I know in the Omaha case, typically that market is going to be a whole lot cheaper than it is going to be in Lincoln."

He also says that even though our prices are higher, they are still the best alternative for Lincoln's citizens.

"Our overall value proposition makes us the best alternative for the customers we're trying to attract.

He can't say whether these low prices are here to stay.