Lincoln's Public Works Asks Residents to Complain About Potholes

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Winter is prime time for potholes. Thousands appear each cold season. And Lincoln's Public Works Department is asking residents to complain so they can do more for you.

Scott Opfer is the manager of street and traffic operations, he says crews work quickly, Monday through Friday, filling those gaps in the roads.

"We were filling up to three thousand... Twenty-one hundred potholes... It's somewhere between a thousand to two thousand a week on average."

It's unstoppable, snow melts and the water slips into the cracks in the roads. Then, Scott says, winter takes over...

"Then you get a freeze and then what it does is it expands the water and pops the asphalt."

The crews who melt the snow are the same ones who fix the potholes. Jeff Harrison, an equipment operator on one street crew, says it's a never ending battle.

"Yeah sometimes, but we live in Nebraska so that's gonna happen. You're gonna get them to break and we just keep filling them back up."

If you're tired of running over the same pothole over and over, all you have to do is complain. In fact, it's encouraged!

"If you do have a residential complaint, by all means call it in," says Harrison

You can call the "Pothole Hotline" at either 402-441-7646 or call Public Works directly at 402-441-7701. Complaints can also be made to the City of Lincoln's website.

There's also a smart phone app called "Lincoln Action Center". Just add the location and hit send. You can also add a picture and crews will come out within a few days to patch it up.

Opfer says that if you want a pothole fixed sooner, all you have to do it give them a call.

The more complaints crews get, the better focused their work can be, tackling the spots that bother you the most.