Little Free Libraries Promote Reading

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Getting your kids to read over the summer is not the easiest of tasks. However, there is one library that makes it easier to do.

It looks like a birdhouse, but the seeds inside this home feed the mind, not the stomach.

It's called a Little Free Library, and inside are books.

"It's basically a box of books that's available 24-7 to anybody that would like to access it," said Lacey Losh, a steward in the Little Free Library community.

There are more than two dozen around Lincoln. Sue Barrett asked for her Little Free Library for her birthday, with the intention of serving parents.

"We've had a wonderful response," Barrett said. "We've had people drive by and stop. We've had little ones come in their Barbie cars and open it up. We had a motorcycle come up the sidewalk. It's been great fun, I've loved every minute.

It's a 'Take a Book, Return a Book' motto. You can take a book one day, and return it the next, but Losh said not even that is a requirement.

"You don't have to bring them back ever," Losh said. "You're welcome to bring them back, but you're welcome to take them home and keep them if you love them."

Unlike public libraries, these ones never close.