Local Boy Scout Helping Community Make Emergency Kits

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It's situations like a blizzard one local boy scout wants you to be prepared for.

He's helping people in Grand Island make kits in his quest to become an Eagle Scout.

Ammon McCain wants you to be prepared.

"In case of tornado, storm, blizzard, they're ready to go and they can survive 24 hours," he said.

This Boy Scout said it won't take much.

"Thermal blanket, light stick, emergency food bars, water pouches, a whistle and some pens and paper," lists McCain.

Grand Island/Hall County Emergency Management Director Jon Rosenlund said most people already have the supplies to survive 24 hours during an emergency in their home, but probably not all in one place.

"Most of the time you can't find what you want on a regular day. I know if I'm looking for the can opener it takes me forever," he said. "Putting those items in a kit, in a go bag allows you to respond the moment a disaster happens."

Rosenlund said a 24-hour kit is a good start, but preparing to survive for 3 days or longer is even better.

"A lot of us remember the ice storms in 2006 and 2007 where in many rural areas you were without power for over a week or more," said Rosenlund.

In that kind of situation, Rosenlund says a community's preparedness will be determined by the people who live there.

"We can work with police and firefighters and EMS agencies all day long, but if we're not prepared at home most of those efforts are going to be in vain," he said.

Rosenlund also suggests tailoring your kit to your family, possibly including medications or diapers.

He also said have a plan to communicate with loved ones in an emergency. He said it can be easier to get a text out than a call.