Local Butcher Weighs In On Furlough's Effect on Meat Prices

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Meat plants could be closing their doors temporarily due to a mandatory furlough issued as part of a federal budget sequester, which cuts 85 billion dollars to federal programs.

Kevin Mandigo, owner of Greta's Gourmet, which serves various cuts of meat, says he thinks people are overreacting to the situation.

"There's a lot of worry right now about the sequester and the fact that there's going to be some furloughing of USDA inspectors. Right now, what I'm hearing from my suppliers is that there is no worry right now," said Mandigo.

Though Mandigo says he doesn't expect a meat shortage, he says customers could have fewer options. "Some of the hard to find cuts are going to be even harder to find. The meat plants that are open are going to focus on the things they know they're gonna sell," said Mandingo.

Though Mandigo acknowledges an increase in the cost of meat is a possibility, he says he's going to do his best to keep the prices his customers pay for cuts from his shop from rising.