Local Celebrities Come Out for Cairo Golf Tournament Fundraiser

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CAIRO, Neb. -- Supporting small Nebraska communities. That's what brought 12 local celebrities to Cairo Friday for the 1st annual golf tournament to benefit the small village.

Over 70 golfers were at the Centura Hills golf course.

There were 24 teams of 3 that paid $150 each to play 18 holes with one of the celebrities.

There were also several Nebraska sponsors giving donations to the fundraiser that will benefit Cairo.

"The greatest thing about Cairo is we are a hometown based community, we're 14 miles from Grand Island, we have an amazing school system, we have an amazing golf course, we have great people, tremendous athletics. It's a great place that you want to come," said Larry Baker, the head football coach at Centura High School.

Now the village of 800 is trying to get bigger.

Charity Adams, the Director of the Cairo Community Development Foundation said, "This is all for Cairo, we have so many committees getting together right now, we're so interested building hike & bike trails and doing grocery stores and doing more with academics and civic projects and the foundation can support those projects with the money raised from this tournament."

While this tournament was a big deal for Cairo the celebrities all said that they were just as happy to come out and show their support for the small town.

2003-2006 Huskers Defensive End Jay Moore said, "Anything you can do to help benefit the communities around Nebraska, whether it's around Omaha or Lincoln or outside of Grand lsland like this where Cairo is. I'm sure they were coming to all our games at Memorial Stadium so I'm happy to help out."

"They do it for us," said Danger Quarterback Jameel Sewell. "People come from all over and watch our games so it's only right to make sure that we do the same thing, it has to be reciprocated to let the people know that we do appreciate even coming out to see one game and so when we get an opportunity to support somebody else in the community, we're going to make sure we do it."

Ron Kellogg III, a Husker QB from 2010-2013, said, "It just shows the humility and the care that everyone has in this community to help out another community and if I can help out that's great. People are calling me a celebrity but I'm only 23 so that doesn't quite ring yet for me."

"It shows you the DNA of our state," said 1993-1996 Husker Wide Receiver Aaron Davis. "We love to help out other towns and communities within Nebraska. At the end of the day it's all Nebraska, regardless if it's Cairo or Grand Island or Broken Bow down the road, it's Nebraska so we all get behind our state and try to support our communities as much as we can."

While this is just the 1st year of the tournament, it will continue for years.

"Sky's the limit for this tournament. It's going to get bigger, it's going to get better and next year you should be a part of it," said Adams.

Moore added, "Whether it's 10 or 20 years, every year, pencil me in and I'll be here to help support Cairo."

Other celebrities were former Husker football players Cory Ross, Jerry Murtaugh, Kelly Saalfeld, Todd Peterson, Phil Ellis, Kyler Reed, former baseball player Randy Spiehs, and current Danger players Jamar Love and Marcus 'Bones' Barnett.