Local Girl Battling Rare Disorder

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A Lincoln girl is battling a rare condition only 350 kids in the world are diagnosed with.

Grace Meints has PHACE.

It's a spectrum disorder which effects her brain, heart, eyes and arteries.

Her health had been good, but recently she took a turn for the worse.

Monday morning, Grace and her mom will fly to Cincinnati to see a specialist.

It's something they've done many times before, flying all over the country, but mom Jennifer says nothing phases her daughter.

Jennifer says, "She's always making everybody smile, she's always dancing and being silly and she's just a happy kid that wants to enjoy life."

Traveling often for treatment is expensive.

Friends of the Meints family are throwing a benefit fundraiser for Grace.

The event will be Saturday, November 10th at Capitol City Christian Church from noon until 3:00 p.m.

It features lunch, provided by the Olive Garden, and a silent auction.

Tickets are $5, or $25 per family.

Anyone can make donations at Spirit of America Federal Credit Union in the care of Grace Meints.

The credit union is located at 325 N. 52nd in Lincoln.