Local Business Gets a Boost from a Cash Mob

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It's a twist on the popular flash mob. Saturday afternoon, Jimmy Buffet enthusiasts gathered for a cash mob, spending money to help out local businesses.

Their shirts were as bright as the afternoon sun. 20 members of the local Parrot Head Club, the Corn Republic, cash mobbed a Ben Franklin Store.

"A parrot head is a fan of Jimmy Buffett. He was at a concert and he looked out and we all wear kind of crazy hats," said Corn Republic President, Stefanie Kindt.

The goal was to generate cash flow for the business by searching for new accessories to wear to an upcoming Buffett concert.

Kindt said, "The premise of our organization is party with a purpose. So we, like Jimmy Buffett and going to his concerts and stuff but we also like giving back to the community.

The Corn Republic isn't only bringing cash flow to Ben Franklin, they're bringing smiles, laughter and quite an interesting afternoon for sales associates.

"I've never seen anything like this. Someone said there was a bus that pulled up and so I stopped and asked one of the customers because I saw one of their tags and asked what they were all about," said Sales Associate, Margie Propp.

Club members do community activities once a week and wherever they appear next, it's guaranteed to be a good time.

Members spent over $700 in just a few hours and also gave associates a tip for being such good sports.