Local Woman Warns Against Scam

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New scams pop up all time time. Now, a Denton woman wants to warn other people of a con she received.

Sandy Dittbrenner received a letter claiming she had not collected a prize.

It asked her to send in $20 and she'd get more than two million in return.

Many people respond to these offers, just in case it's the real thing, and if it's not, they're only out $20.

Dittbrenner says she laughed when she read the letter, but there's a reason people keep running these cons - they work.

The company pushing the scam is called the Prize Research Intelligence Agency.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau say they have a long history with this company and their promise of instant riches.

BBB officials say even though the FTC is aware of the company, it's allowed to stay in business because every once in a while, it will pay out small dividends - just enough to stay on the right side of the law.