Lost Wedding Ring Found in Rubble of Pilger Home 30 Years Later

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"This is the last thing I thought they would find," said Pilger Homeowner Francis Hunke.

Among all of the rubble laying within the town of Pilger was the remains of a home owned by Francis Hunke. That's where one of the hundreds of volunteers working today uncovered a gem that Hunke hadn't seen in decades.

"I bought this wedding ring 50 years ago for $300-400 and my first wife was washing dishes and thought she lost it there but they found it in the house today after 30 years of being missing," said Hunke.

The ring was discovered laying deep within the homes insulation. It's a piece of jewelery that Hunke claims was the most valuable item in his home and an item that carried a special meaning to him and his first wife.

"Theirs a lot of sentimental meaning to this ring because I bought it for her 50 years ago and she passed away five years ago," said Hunke.

Still surprised by what was uncovered under all of the bricks, siding and insulation, Hunke now plans on passing that ring down through his family. The only problem however is that he has two daughters.

"I suppose one of my girls could get it, I've got two girls and whichever one has the most persuasion will probably get it," said Hunke.