'Love on the Run' Spreads the Love

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Valentine's Day is coming up and this weekend hundreds of Lincoln residents looked to spread the love.

It's the 6th annual Love on the Run.

Porridge Papers sponsors the free event, with the help of other local businesses and volunteers.

Participants can type a letter to a loved one on an antique type writer.

They then put the message in a bottle and volunteers deliver it on Valentine's Day.

Porridge Papers owner Christopher James says it's a unique way to show someone you care.

He says, "You get to come in, the charm of an old type writer, putting your thoughts down on paper and then getting the cute little bottle. It's just something that's not done. Roses and cards are easy. This I think, there's a little bit more sentiment involved."

Volunteers will deliver 500 notes on Valentine's Day.

James says they will stop once they reach 500 so if you want to send a note, you're encouraged to stop by porridge papers early Sunday.

They're located at 14th and South and the doors open at 11:00 am.