Low Funding to Rebuild Lancaster County Bridges

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If the proposed budget passes, due to low funding from the state, no bridges will be re-built within Lancaster county for the second year straight. The Lancaster county engineering department only received $84,000 in funds for new bridges.

Lancaster county engineer Pam Dingman says it costs at least $500,000 to replace any one of the 300 bridges within Lancaster county. She also says many of the counties bridges have already exceeded their lifespan.

"50 years is the lifespan of a bridge and it's kind of like your car," Dingman said. "Once it gets 150,000 miles on it, it probably needs to be replaced and that's where we are at with 80 of our bridges."

Dingman says they regularly inspect and rate the bridges on a 100 point scale. The first bridge the department plans on replacing
Is located on 1st and Raymond road.

The County Board is expected to hold a public hearing and approve the budget Aug. 26.