Super Bowl Fans Not So Loyal

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A lot of folks braved the fog and chilly temps to watch the super bowl with friends. But at one North Lincoln bar, there was something distinctly missing - the passionate fans.

In a sea of football followers, not one team jersey to be found. Although folks we spoke with say they cared about the game, most didn't particularly care who won. And even those who said they had chosen a "favorite" team, mentioned that for them it was "settling."

Game watcher George Omer said " I'm hanging out with the girls watching some game and commercials." When asked who he'd prefer to win the Super Bowl, he responded "The Dallas Cowboys."

Omer is just one of many fans who told us they were rooting for teams that weren't even playing in the Super Bowl this year.

Though lukewarm to the teams actually playing, this group says- to them- Super Bowl Sunday is all about having a good time watching football with friends.