Lux Middle School Students Return from Washington. D.C.

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Many students see spring break as a time to forget about school for a bit. But one group chose to spend their time off with their teachers.

For the past 16 years, 8th grade Social Studies teacher Kathi Mercure has been taking her students to Washington, D.C. Mercure said of this year's trip, "It's the ultimate field trip. As Krista McAuliffe wanted us to go to space, this is second best to that."

Each year during the field trip the Lux Middle School students place a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Students from Mickle middle school also traveled to the nation's capitol with teacher Amanda Wiemer.

This year, after placing the wreath on the tomb, the group of nearly 80 students came across something unusual for them, a military funeral.

Mercure said of the event, "Right after the kids laid the wreath on the tomb, we walked around the back side of the amphitheater and we were halted and we saw the marching band coming and we weren't quite sure but I was convinced it was a funeral so we stopped.

Fellow Lux teacher Brad Irvine also participated in the trip. He added, "They had the funeral procession coming up with the carriage and the riderless horse. "

Mercure continued, "The kids got very silent and realized the respect that they needed to give at that moment. That that person in that coffin gave them their freedom and I really think that they understood it at that moment."

Irvine says it's these lessons, taught outside of the classroom, that students will likely remember forever. "We have freedoms that no place else in the world truly enjoys like we do, and for kids to understand that, to respect it, honor it and to fight for those freedoms, I think is really important to teach the students."