No Evidence of Abduction in Case of Missing Teen

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BELLEVUE, Neb.-- Bellevue Police Chief Mark Elbert says his department is devoting a great deal of resources to locating Michaela Wells who disappeared on Sunday night.

When asked at a news conference Wednesday afternoon if there was any evidence that she was abducted or in danger, the chief said, “I cannot confirm either one of those to be true."

He said police do not have information that she was abducted against her will, but he said that possibility is part of their investigation. He says he’s not ruling that out.

The chief says Michaela is considered a missing person.

When asked if police thought Michaela was in danger, the chief said, "Yes, there's a certain degree of danger here and we're concerned about her safety," but he reiterated that there was no evidence indicating foul play.

The chief said this is not the first time Michaela has left home. In the earlier instances she returned the following day.

Chief Elbert said social media has fanned the flames in the case. He said he's a big fan of social media but he said, "it's a double-edged sword," and it can contribute to misinformation about these sorts of cases.

The chief said he has been in contact with the FBI field office about Michaela's disappearance and their resources are available but the chief says local resources are sufficient at the moment.

"Michaela's parents have been very cooperative throughout this investigation," Elbert said.

He said, "We are applying a great deal of resources at our department to locate her daughter."

As for why an Amber Alert was not issued, the chief said there are certain criteria that must be met for one to be issued and, "this case did not meet the criteria.

Michaela was last seen at her Grandmother's home, in the Golden Hills Subdivision at 36th and Highway 370, on Sunday evening, March 2. Her mother told WOWT 6 News Michaela took the trash out around 8:30 p.m. and didn't return.

Bellevue police confirm Michaela was reported missing on March 3. Officers said she has been entered into the database as a missing juvenile, they don't believe Michaela is in any danger.

Michaela was last seen wearing blue jeans, black slip on pumps, black tank top with teal over-shirt and a long red coat. She's 5 foot 6.5" tall and weighs 120 pounds.

Please call the Bellevue Police Department with any information: 402-293-3100.