Man Accused of 20 Felonies for Same Domestic Incident

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A Lincoln man is in jail, accused of 20 felonies all stemming from the same incident.

Lincoln Police say a 34-year-old woman with another passenger and seven children in her car, stopped at 13th and 'O' street Friday evening.

That's when her ex stopped behind her hitting her car as he walked up to it.

The suspect reached in and took her keys but she used a spare set to re-start the car.

According to Captain Jason Stille, the woman drove off, calling 911 as the man followed her, hitting her car with his, repeatedly. Stille said she went to the police station and officers took the man into custody without incident.

Auder Mijangos-Blas is facing a total of 20 felony charges including felony domestic assault, felony criminal mischief and second degree assault.

There were seven children in the car at the time, ages 15 to 3 years old. This added 7 counts of felony child abuse.

According to Stille, Minjangos-Blas was also arrested for 10 counts of use of a weapon to commit felony.