Man Accused of Starving 1,000 Animals Gets 20- 60 Months in Jail

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The Unadilla man accused of letting nearly a thousand animals die on his pig farm will spend at least 20-months in jail for animal cruelty.

On Tuesday, an Otoe County judge sentenced 61-year-old John Maahs to 20-60 months behind bars.

He pleaded no contest in April to one count of neglect. In return, the state dropped the other 9 counts.

In September 2011, sheriff deputies found hundreds of animal carcasses -- mostly pigs -- piled up in several buildings on his farm.

The deputies also found 140 living pigs along with a few goats and a calf. They had no food or water according to investigators.

Because of the build-up of methane gas from the rotting remains, authorities were forced to burn the out-buildings.

Last year, Otoe County attorney Dave Parsch said, "The biggest question everybody has is, why would something like this happen?"