Man Arrested for Trying to Pass Counterfeit Money

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A Lincoln man is in jail after police say he tried to pass counterfeit money.

According to police, 30-year-old Jesse Hare booked a hotel room Monday at the Quality Inn near the airport. They say he used cash to pay for the room.

After Hare left, police say the hotel clerk examined the money and discovered it was fake.

"The manager noticed they were smaller in size, the color was faded and some of the bills actually shared the same serial number," Officer Katie Flood said.

Police later found hare during a traffic stop near 27th and Teresa. He was the passenger in a female friend's car. They say he had more counterfeit money in his pockets. The driver was interviewed, but not cited.

Police arrested Hare for first degree forgery. Officers seized paper, ink and a paper cutter from his hotel room and a car parked at the hotel. The car in the hotel parking lot belongs to a different female friend.