Man Crashes Friend's Van and Gets 4th DUI

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Lincoln Police officers arrested a man for crashing a friend's van while drunk and leaving the scene.

According to Officer Katie Flood, 28-year-old Matthew Hammers took his friend's van without permission Sunday around 3:45 a.m.

Flood said Hammers exited I-80 to go onto NW 48th Street, did a 'cookie' and landed in the ditch. Officers found the van abandoned, with a cracked windshield and blood on the driver's side.

A short time later, the Lancaster County Sheriff's office contacted police because they found a drunk man with a forehead injury at Shoemaker's Travel Center and Truck Stop located at 151 SW 48th Street. The man was identified as Matthew Hammers. Police said they found the keys to the van in his pockets.

Hammers was lodged in jail for fourth-offense DUI, driving under a 15-year suspension, refusing chemical and breath tests and felony theft.

Flood said the van has $4,000 in damage from the crash.