Man Tased by Police Following Struggle

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A man was tased after resisting arrest when officers contacted him about urinating in an alleyway.

Just after 2 a.m. Saturday, Lincoln police noticed a man in the alley between N and O Streets off of 13th Street, behind Walgreens. According to police, the man was urinating.

A bicycle officer approached the man, 36-year-old Curtis Holmstedt as he crossed 13th Street.

According to police, Holmstedt told officers he did not have any identification but officers noticed his wallet in his pants. They also noticed the clip of a pocket knife in his front pocket.

The officer tried to arrest Holmstedt but he began resisting. More officers joined in as the struggle continued.

Police said though no officer saw him reach for the pocket knife, he kept reaching into the area where they knew the knife was. Officers tased Holmstedt when he failed to follow instructions to keep his hands away from the knife.

Once arrested, the knife had come out of Holmstedt's pocket at some point during the struggle and was found on the street nearby.

Holmstedt was cited for urinating in public, failure to comply and resisting arrest.