Man Walks Coast to Coast to Support Cancer Victim

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An Arizona man is walking coast to coast, raising money for someone he's never actually met.

Drew Blondeaux stopped for a break in Lincoln Monday.

He's walking across the country to raise money for Liz Estes.

Estes beat leukemia as a teen, but was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The two have never met, but Drew heard Liz's story through his family and knew he wanted to help.

He says, "That's kind of the point to it all really, is a random act of kindness for somebody that I've never even aquainted. Just kind of show that it's still out there and make it easier for the people that I know or that have heard the story to open up and hold the door for somebody."

Drew is about 2,000 miles into a 3,600 mile journey.

He's been walking for about two months.