Man Wants Action Taken to Stop Scam

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A Lincoln man says he wants the Nebraska Attorney General's office to do more to protect residents from scams.

Mark Potter replied to a job ad, looking for someone to deliver insurance documents.

Instead, he found a scam.

After emailing his name and address, he received a cashier's check for almost $7,000.

An email told him to cash the check, keep part, and mail the rest to another party.

He knew right away this wasn't real.

He says, "I'm extremely pleased that I was smart enough to see through it. A lot of seniors wouldn't. And a lot of seniors, this would cost them their life savings and people commit suicide over this type of thing."

Potter says he contacted the Nebraska Attorney General's office, hoping they could use his evidence to shut down these scammers.

He has names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Potter said they told him the best they could do was put his evidence on file.

He says, "Well, I don't want to put it in a dust bin. We've got some valuable information here on a scam. These people tried to rip me off for almost $7,000 and I'm just one senior."

Potter says he hopes they'll take a second look and decide to act.

In the meantime he warns everyone to be on their guard.

Calls to the AG's office for comment were not returned.