Man Plows Snow With His Bike

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Winter doesn't keep Wesley Trout off his bike.

"You get your exercise, you get your blood pumping and you get outside," Wesley Trout said.

"It makes my winters go a lot faster," he added.

Even when there's snow. Trout just pedals that problem away.
It's an idea he calls shifting gears. Trout said it is a way to stay fit and keep the environment green.

"It's something that maybe you could have a community program where you could have you know give people bikes to ride to work and they could take care of trails on the way when the weather gets bad," said Trout.

His prototype is a bike with a fixed blade attached to the back. It works like a plow.

Trout rides prepared. A shovel's strapped on in case snow drifts get too high.
Studded tired provide traction on snow covered ice. And its all about the layers to stay warm.

"I think I have four layers on today I actually had to take my jacket off I was getting too hot. Way too hot out there," said Trout.

Trout is brainstorming a few other prototypes like a summer sidewalk sweep on a bike and attaching a v-shaped blade to plow more snow.