Man Shot Helping Student Being Assaulted Outside School

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Police say an Omaha man who came to the aid of a student near Monroe Middle School was shot Thursday morning.

Thirty-year-old Dallas Waters told police while driving at 51st and Bedford just before 11:30 a.m. he noticed two teenaged boys pushing a school-aged girl on the sidewalk. Waters said he stopped his car and got out to intervene when the older of the two suspects opened fire, striking him in the calf.

Waters was treated for his wound and released from the hospital. One of the rounds struck the side of Monroe Middle School. The impact did not damage the school or penetrate the interior of the building itself.

Chrystine Harrison heard the gunshots. She said the sound of gunfire is nothing new in the neighborhood. Her home has a bullet hole from a previous shooting.

“Just the four or five shots, ran and closed the door of course, scared, didn’t know if it was right in our yard. It sounded like it was right in the yard, that's how loud it was.”

Omaha Public Schools placed Benson High School, Monroe Middle School and Fontenelle Elementary on lockdown for a time while officers searched the area for the suspects.

Police surrounded a home near 44th Avenue and Pinkney with guns drawn and eventually went inside, but did not find any suspects.