Man in Kansas Building Survival Condo to Prepare for Global Disaster

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Some people believe the world will end on December 21st.

Whether it's true is up for debate, but one man is making sure he's ready if that day ever comes.

And he's willing to take you along -- for a price.

From above, the piece of land looks like any other in North Central Kansas. But once you break the surface, it has a much different look. Larry Hall calls it his survival condo. "It's going to be very modern and high tech."

The old missile silo extends 14 stories underground. Each floor is designed to provide a different part of life for the people who will eventually live here. "We're trying to make this place all that it can be in terms of long-term off-grid survival," said Hall.

For four years, crews have been working to bring the blue prints to life. When it's finished in August, the facility will house up to 70 people, indefinitely. The hydroponics room will provide the food, growing up to 70 different plant types. "We actually have aquatonic tanks. We're raising 3 species of tilapia and then there will be a vertical growing system that has a symbiotic relationship where it's fertilized by the fish," said Hall.

And if disease kills off the food supply, Hall says "We've got a five-year canned system of freeze-dried and dehydrated food that's our back-up so we have a five-year limit on our back-up food supply."

From a 75,000 gallon water treatment facility to a minor surgery center, Hall says he's planned for everything. The goal is to prevent depression by normalizing life underground. "Everything from the frequency of the lighting to the ceiling height, to the square footage per person to having a 4-hour work day where everyone does job rotations so that they feel productive, all of these things have been engineered into this facility," said Hall.

As for living arrangements, once finished, there will be seven floors of condominiums. The 1,800 square feet of high-end living space is completely customized for the buyer.

The underground city also includes some nice amenities. "We have the spa, the pool, the workout rooms, a bar and a lounge, a movie theater, library and classroom," said Hall.

Nine-foot thick concrete walls protect everything inside. "It's seismically isolated from the outside walls so if there were an earthquake or an explosion or a meteor or whatever would hit the ground, it would stop. The energy would not be transferred into the middle here."

A full floor carries a $2 million price tag, $1 million for a half-floor. Nearly all of the condos are already sold to buyers nationwide.

Hall calls it a sense of security. "Would you rather have to worry about how to get to a safe place where you know where it is or not have a clue about where you're going?"

So you're probably assuming that Larry built all of it in preparation for December 21st or "Doomsday." It's a date with disaster that he's not buying, but he is aware there is a possibility that in our lifetime, the people who paid the money will need to go there. "Whether it's terrorism down the road or food shortages or biological event or a natural disaster, whatever it is, we want people that want to have a plan where they have a facility where they can go to," said Hall.

Throw in thumb print technology and a military style security system and Hall is building a one-of-a-kind facility. "For an individual to participate in something that is a community-type structure, this is about as good as it gets."

Or at least as good as it can be the day the world comes to an end...or somewhere close.